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Amazon Web Service Enthusiasts Meetup - Chennai


Thanks for attending. Videos are up!


Chennai Amazon Web Services Meet: Jinesh Varia (Part 1 of 2: Intro and S3) : http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=2322553043212586192


Chennai Amazon Web Services Meet: Jinesh Varia (Part 2 of 2: EC2 and SQS) : http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-3183318534417669903



Update Participants if you wish to partcipate. Add to SpeedGeeking, if you wish to demo, share your experience.


When: 13 Dec 2007, 5:00 p,m

Where: RailsFactory, 9/55, Karikalan Street,

Jafferkhanpet, Ashok Nagar,

Chennai, TN, India -600083, [ ~1.2 Km from Ashok Pillar, 200 meters from Kasi Theatre junction. For Detailed Directions To The Venue, Location Details and Google map, Click Here

Call +91 98406 31021 if you need assistance.


While the public meeting is at 5:00 pm, one on one meetings, demos and brainstorming opportunities are possible from 2:00pm at the venue.


5:00: Welcome and Introduction

5:05 - 5:45 : Speed Geeking, networking and demos - over snacks.

5:50 - 6:30: Presentation by Jinesh Varia, and Question and Answer session.

6:31 - 7:15: Suggestions, Feedback, and Wishlist for AWS by AWS users and wannabe.

7:16 - 7:30: Discussion on next AWS Chennai meetup, closing.

Want to demo your product or service, or share your AWS experience? Register at SpeedGeeking page.

Amazon Web Services will be in town!


What’s cooking at Amazon these days?, What is Amazon Web Services?, Why Amazon Mechanical Turk is named so? What’s so “Elastic” about Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud? What’s the limit of bottom-less hard-drive in the sky (Amazon Simple Storage Service)? What are some of the 290,000+ registered developers of AWS Developer community building?

Let’s find answers to these questions and more.

It all started with Amazon E-Commerce Service (Amazon ECS), when Amazon.com opened its technology and product vault (2002) to developers by exposing the API and gave them the ability to construct powerful innovative applications using the resources the company has built over eleven years and over $2B developing. Since then, Amazon has launched ten new services that provide developers easy access to inexpensive, scalable web-based infrastructure.

In this session, Seattle-based Jinesh Varia, Evangelist for Amazon Web Services, will talk about these innovations from Amazon.com.

Specifically, Jinesh will talk about Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) that allows requisition of machines on-demand by simple web service call, Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) which is infinite storage in the sky and Amazon Mechanical Turk which is the Human Intelligence Web service and how these services can help local start-up companies to go live quickly. Also, we will see some exciting apps, built on AWS that have become profitable businesses and others that are just simply cool to see.

So bring your open minds fully charged, as this session will be interactive and might spur up your thought-liquid for the next ‘Eureka!’ moment.


Jinesh Varia, Evangelist, Amazon Web Services

As a Web Services Evangelist at Amazon, Jinesh Varia helps developers take advantage of disruptive technologies that are going to change the way we think about computer applications, and the way businesses compete in the new Web world. He is focused on furthering awareness of web services and often helps developers on 1:1 basis in implementing their own ideas using Amazon’s innovative services.

Jinesh has over 7 years experience in XML and Web services and has worked with standard working groups in XBRL. Prior to joining Amazon as an evangelist, he held several positions in UBmatrix including Solutions Architect, Enterprise Team Lead and Software engineer, working on various financial services projects including Call Modernization Project at FDIC. He was also lead developer at Penn State Data Center, Institute of Regional Affairs. Jinesh’s publications have been published in ACM and IEEE. Jinesh is originally from India and holds a Master’s degree in Information Systems from Penn State University. He plays tennis and loves to trek.


Check out Jinesh's rest of the India visit Schedule.


Update Participants if you wish to partcipate. Add to SpeedGeeking, if you wish to demo, share your experience.


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