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How To Participate via SecondLife

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Getting started with SecondLife for event participation is easy!


Download and Install SecondLife client from http://secondlife.com/download



Create login Id in SecondLife virtual world. This can be done at the SecondLife web site: https://secure-web12.secondlife.com/join/


Choose the 'Skip Step' option when available.

You will be asked to choose you first name and the last name. You can choose last name only from a list of available last names. Choose names that you can remember, easy to type.

Here is a link to a guide for new users: http://oz.slinked.net/history/Second_Life_Starter_Guide.pdf


Get familiar with the fairly confusing intarface at the orientation Island.



Teleport to Amazon Developer Island:

Once you are fairly familiar with moving around, chat and talk feature, Hit the search button. Input Amazon in the search box. Double click on the Amazon Developer Island listing. Press the Teleport button.


If everything is fine, you will land in the Proto.in SL venue. Find and enable audio and video media streaming button. You are almost done. Use the chat channel for back channel discussion and interaction.


In case your you need assistance in-world IM SecondLife user Startup Republic. It is an user account created just for the event and will be manned by Proto.in volunteers to meet, greet and help around.


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