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OrganizerPage 26May08 Event

Page history last edited by Balaji Sowmyanarayanan 12 years, 4 months ago

wiki Password = amazon


Contact: Balaji Sowmyanarayanan - labsji at gmail dot com or  94440 81296

Apart from creating opportunity to showcase AWS based Applications, success stories, We will focus on creating opportunities for Hands On/getting started kind of activities too.


Feel free to add your name against any of the activity where you would like to contribute.


The format of the event

2:00pm - 5:00pm Mainly for people already familiar with AWS.

1:1 sessions with AWS Evangalist. Ensure everyone gets a fair amount of time. Snacks etc to make them comfortable.

Ensuring that the power users get the rigt kind of access is the objective of the session.

5pm - 8pm - public event. Facilitating the sharing of knowldege and commnity formation is the main objective of the session.

We need to handover the hall to the IC&SR people well before 8pm. They nornally close by 5pm, we have time till 8 as a special request.



Organizing To Do List


  • Venue and related arrangements
    1. Finalizing the venue: We need capacity for ~120 people. To make it easy for hands on AWS exploration, WiFI internet connection must be available at the venue. Projector, and Audio system also needed. There must be enough space for networking and peer to peer demos.
      1. GeeRTee - Has WiFi.


      2. Amb. Pallva - Egmore - Has WiFi.
      3. Tree, Rain - coz Wifi charges per connection. Same with Roy Meridian Guindy.
      4. Non hotel autiotorium with WiFi.
      5. Academic/Educational institution as Venue.
        1. IIT - IC&SR - Fixed.


    2. Checking if WiFi is satisfactory. - Balaji and Ezhil going to do it on Friday.


    3. Fixing the High Tea arrangement. Praba CSS.


    4. Smaller meeting room for 1:1 discussion during the afternoon. With WiFi.
  • Reaching out to the community - getting the word out.
    • Registration page open.
    • Listing in Upcoming.org event.
    • Blogging and twittering about the event.
    • Mailing list
  • Fine tune program format based on community feedback.
    • Get a community feedback page functional.
    • Solicit participation of successful AWS users in and around Chennai.
    • Schedule a couple of demos of cool/profitable AWS application by Local companies/individuals.
  • Hands on workshop and demos coordination.
    • Fine tuning format/intent of demos     Showcasing Page


    • Demo infrastructure
    • Students/Individual enthusiasts participation.
  • Press and media engagement
    • Encouraging pre-event blogging
    • Banners for the event. - Praba CSS.
    • Inviting the press.
    • Live blogging/twittering
    • Flickr, blogging tag is awschennai. Pleas bring your cameras and video recorders and post them in social sharing sites like flickr, youtube etc.
  • Floor coordination on Event day.
    • Registration desk. -  CSS
    • Explaining the format of the event to the attendees.


    • Time keeping. - Praba


    • Stage intros and related floor facilitation.
    • Food and beverages coordination.
    • Directions to the venue - manning a contact mobile - we need a volunteer for this - Sukumar?.
    • Parking arrangements
    • Rain contingancy
    • Presenter mementos.
    • Attendee Schwags - Teeshirts, coffee mugs, other goodies/freebies.

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