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Proto via SecondLife: Organizers Activities

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 8 months ago

   Here is a outline of help I look up to you for the proto.in SecondLife coverage.

Intro, Background


Proto.in Serendipity Enhancement Team

Serendipity is increasingly important in a world with problem of plenty, more so in the startup space. While proto.in as a platform help enhance the serendipity factor of startups, proto.in event itself can do well with serendipity enhancers. I welcome you to contribute to a couple of serendipity enhancement initiatives viz., 1) Featuring Proto.in via SecondLife. 2) RippleRap conference notes sharing. Here is an outline of the plan and effort involved in the initiatives.

Featuring Proto.in via SecondLife

SecondLife is just a glorified chat with a sense of space( indeed 3d) and avatarization. The idea of using SecondLife is to encourage interactivity especially for remote participation. In short, the audio and visual richness of SecondLife will serve as an interesting back-channel for the event.

To facilitate remote participation, the on-stage presentations will be live cast. Amazon Web Services Developer Island in SecondLife is where remote participants assemble and 'consume' the live cast. And participate in the backchannel discussions.

To effect the live cast here is what we do:

A laptop loaded with SecondLife client is enough to do the live casting. A Mac is going to be there too.

I have created an SecondLife avatar called Proto Gear for the purpose of representing the presentations on stage. The audio from the stage will be fed to the Avatar's Voice Chat and thus audio will be available for remote participants.

A camera will be connected to the laptop and the video stream from it will be processed by encoder from Veodia. The Veodia software will stream it to Veodia.com server which in turn will relay it using Real Time Streaming Protocol(RTSP). The SecondLife land's media property will be set to this stream so that stage visual is available for remote participant.

During lunch, remote avatars will be able to present their point of view. This is done by projecting the SecondLife laptop's video output on to the big screen. And feeding the audio from the SecondLife client to the Hall's audio amplifier.

One chordless mic is to be interfaced to the Laptop's mic so that questions from the floor can be feed to the presenting Avatar.

This is the minimum setup that needs to be configured and tested.

Once ready, here are a few improvements that can be attempted for better results:

1) Substitute the web cam with a better DV camera with firewire interface. Zooming, panning, following the discussion are the advantages.

2) Upgrade the Veodia.com account from free account to premium account so that it supports more than 5 concurrent users. I'm still talking to them to waive the charges. Let us see.

3) Make the audio also available part of SeconedLife land property so that a Linux SL client users are not excluded.

4) Capture the 3D scene in SecondLife along with video and make it available in ustream.tv

RippleRap Conference Notes Sharing

While SecondLife featuring is to enhance participation and interaction for remote participants, RippleRap Conference notes sharing is to enhance sharing and serendipity for proto.in event attendees. RippleRap is based on tiddlywiki a browser based personal wiki. Agenda and basic information about participating startups will be preloaded in the tiddlywiki. During the presentation, the wiki will be very handy for notes taking. Interestingly, the notes will be synced up periodically with other tiddlywiki instances thereby effecting notes sharing.

Priming the tiddlywiki file with agenda, and startup information is the effort to be done prior to the event. Informing, educating and assiting the participants about RippleRap notes sharing is the effort to be undertaken during the event.

RippleRap team, represented by Phil and others were kind enough to setup the sync server specially for proto. They really went out of their way to get RippleRap working for proto. A loud shoutout of cheers to them! He Ha!

We will restrict the official coverage to Day 2 of the event. And use Day 1 for setup and fine tuning. Thus, setting thing up at the Hotel from 17th afternoon will be good enough. I have checked up with the Hotel's IT, they have promised a wired port with dedicated 512kbps. They say, IP based video conference have happened smoothly with such a port.

I'm attaching the ripplerap basic file copied from Le Web. The Le Web agenda is to be replaced by Proto agenda. I'm attaching proto's agenda too. Save the proto-basic.html in your local disk. Create an UserName( in mixed case), Add notes to it, see it gets syncd with other users notes.


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