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Registration 26 May 08

Page history last edited by PBworks 11 years, 6 months ago
Wiki Invite Key/ Wiki Password = amazon

Instruction for registration: Press Edit Page button, type in wiki password/Wiki Invite Key when prompted. Add your name and details at the end of the list.

Participant List - (limit=70)

  1. Balaji Sowmyanarayanan - Blog, Mobile: 94440 81296, AWS Interest - DevPay, Mturk
  2. Ezhil Arasan B - Solution Architect , Cybernet Slash Support. Blog AWS Interest - EC2, S3, Simple db
  3. Sukumar Ezeebags AWS Interest - Ec2, S3, Fulfillment by Amazon(FBA).
  4. Kiruba Shankar - Blog, AWS Interest - Training and technology adoption.
  5. Rahul Gupta - Kuruvindum - Website ; AWS Interest - Tech adoption by start-ups
  6. Raj Madhuram C - Blog, Technology Enthusiast, Impiger Tech
  7. Prasad Narasimhan - Blog, AWS Interest, Cognizant Corporation
  8. Mayur Bodakhe, AWS Interest - EC2,S3,DevPay, New Tech Adoption
  9. Dhanesh, PayPal
  10. Bennet Kumar - Anantara Solutions www.anantsol.com
  11. Saravanakumar S - AWS Interest, Tech Updates 
  12. Vijayakumar G -  Open Source Dev
  13. somasundaram narendran---- tamil<> english translator
  14. Suresh Sambandam, OrangeScape
  15. arun balaji - presenting rightscale and jumpstarting with rightscale
  16. Umaima Khilawala - Project Lead, Impiger Technologies.
  17. Mahesh Komuravelli - Impiger Technologies.
  18. Ashok Kumar.P.S - Senior Software Engineer, Impiger Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  19. Priyadarshini R, Impiger Technologies Pvt. Ltd.
  20. Ganesh APP - Blog, AWS n00b.
  21. prakash - tamil- telugu translator
  22. Dr Hari - NetPowerwise - Corporate training. AWS Interest - Network management, Databases, AWS Course
  23. P. Ganesh Raj Mohan - CSS Corp - Chennai.
  24. Ashwin Ramesh - OrganicApex - Chennai
  25. DSM.Ranjith Kumar,  Zoho, AWS Interest, Chennai
  26. Sripathy Ramesh, Zoho,  AWS Interest, Chennai
  27. VijayKumar, Zoho,  AWS Interest, Chennai
  28. Ram V, Business Consultant, Chennai
  29. Vishal M, Chennai
  30. Dinesh , RailsFactory Chennai
  31. Neethi Cholan Athena Info Consulting Pvt. Ltd Chennai
  32. Giri Prasadh Athena Info Consulting Pvt. Ltd Chennai
  33. John Joachim, www.QBizTech.com, Chennai
  34. Paramasivam V, Synaptris Decisions Pvt Ltd, Chennai
  35. Satheesh Ananthasubramanian, Kubos Consultancy Services, Chennai
  36. Shanvas, Kuruvindum, Chennai
  37. Raghuraman, 8KMiles Web Services ,Chennai
  38. Saravanan, 8KMiles Web Services ,Chennai
  39. i5bala.com
  40. Mukundan Madhavan, Chennai.
  41. Arun Raj Singh, Chennai 
  42. V S Badri Nararayanan Nrich Software Pvt Limited. AWS Interest - SaaS
  43. Ram esh N - Business Consultant - AWS Interest - Mturk for making money, saving money.
  44. Prabhu K CSS Corp chennai.
  45. Varghese John - Dev ,Fun,Ubuntu  Cybernet Slash Support. AWS Interest - EC2, S3, Simple db
  46. Umashankar N - CSS Corp - Blog AWS Interest - EC2, S3,
  47. Rajeswari S - CSS Corp, chennai.
  48. Seshan Narayanan, CSS Corp, Chennai
  49. Bobby M Varghese, CSS Corp, Chennai. AWS interest
  50. Vijayanand K  bboi Chennai
  51. Arnald - Triomatrix Webservices Pvt Ltd - www.nboomi.com
  52. Ganesh - Triomatrix Webservices Pvt Ltd - www.nboomi.com
  53. Achyut R Gupta -SRM - AWS Technologies
  54. Sohamdas - AWS Interest - Using EC2 for circuit verification and such compute intensive applications.
  55. Abirami Mohanraj, Impiger Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Chennai
  56. Ramanathan, AWS Interest, Impiger Technologies Pvt. Ltd, Chennai
  57. Rajasekhar V, Tech Savvy, AWS interest, Impiger Technologies, Chennai
  58. Sathyabama.R Systems Analyst,Chennai
  59. Mahalingam.T System Admin,RailsFactory, Chennai - www.railsfactory.com
  60. Roy.K.G System Admin, RailsFactory,Chennai - www.railsfactory.com
  61. Nilesh Shelke, Chennai
  62. Jayesh

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