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Showcasing 26 May

Page history last edited by PBworks 12 years, 4 months ago

Page for showcasing planning.

    Peer to Peer showcasing is going to be the primary means of knowledge sharing during the event. Bring your laptops( with internet access too) loaded with short demo/presentation material. Plan your demos to be of 3-5 min duration such that it can be repeateadly showcased to small group of people during the networking sessions. Note that there is no on-stage demos. The idea is to reduce the barrier of participation, encourage showcasing of supposedly/seemingly trivial tricks/hacks.


  • Web OS with AWS  by Arun Balaji
    • showcasing resonets.net - resonets.net
    • a open source application on amazon
    • eyeos application
    • by arun balaji
  • jumpstart your aws service using rightscale by arun balaji
    • starting your aws service with 
    • rightscale a amazon web services intergrator
  •  Getting basics setup - S3Fox, ElasticFox, other command line tools.
  •  BoxCloud - Dead Simple file sharing by Impigertech.com
    • Using S3 and Ec2 for making file sharing frictionless.
  • Nboomi.com - ur dream home on ur desktop
  • Your Showcase Title Here
    • Your Showcase description here.

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