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Speed Geeking

What is Speed Geeking?

Tired or long, boring presentations? Check out speed geeking, a process by which you can participate in a number of short presentations in quick succession. Here is how it works

  1. You need about 6-8 presenters and an audience of 40-45
  2. Start by getting the presenters to stand in a large circle with the audience in the center in groups of 6-7
  3. When the facilitator rings the bell, each group goes to one presenter
  4. The presenter now has 5 minutes to present/demo/discuss his or her topic
  5. The facilitator shouts a time warning at 4 minutes and rings the bell at 5 minutes
  6. At this point, each group moves to the next presenter
  7. The 5 minute timer starts again for the new round
  8. Repeat until every group has visited every presenter

At the end of about 30-40 minutes, you would have listened to every presenter. Simple!

Ideas for presenters

There are no rules about what you can present or how you should present it, but here are some ideas

  • You only have 5 minutes so make it short and sweet
  • People love seeing stuff, so show a demo, get print outs or use paper and pen
  • If you've made something interesting, bring it and show it
  • People love participating, so you may want to try a discussion format
  • Or try 2.5 minutes of talk and 2.5 minutes of questions

Facilitator: Siddartha Govindaraj. siddhig on twitter.

Speed Geeking Presentations

  1. AWS with Ruby on Rails - Rails Factory Team.
  2. Avatar Voodo - A Mashup of SecondLife and Amazon Mturk - By Balaji Swomyanarayanan
  3. Your presentation Here.


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