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Venue 26 May

Page history last edited by Balaji Sowmyanarayanan 12 years, 4 months ago

The Venue of 26 May Amazon Web Services event is Indian Instute of Technology Madras. Within IIT, the event is at Industrial Consultancy & Sponsord Research known as IS&SR.


How to get there: IC&SR right at one of the quardrants of the Gajendra Circle right opposite to the Admin block. Gajendra circle is the center point of IIT - all roads leads to Gajendra circle. Location map by Yahoo.

Google Map for the location:

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Important security instruction

  • If you are walking/joggin/treking there is no need to get any security clearance. Just reach Gajendra circle and locate IC&SR you are there. You are encouaged to make use of the free transport facility within the campus.
  • If you are riding a vehicle stop at the security gate. The security will issue a vehicle pass asking for the vehicle registration number and where you are going( Just mention IC&SR)
  • Four wheelers are allowed to enter and exit via the main gate only.
  • If you bring your laptop, get an outpass for the laptop to avoid trouble while exiting.

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